What is the maximum weight for a person using a hammock?

The permissible amount is 300 kg. The permissible maximum user weight depends largely on whether the hammock is properly secured. If the hammock is properly hung and properly used, it can be used by a heavier person. The hammock can withstand even a heavy load, but it is important that it is properly hung.

Will the mosquito net protect me from insects?

Our mosquito net is made of a dense mesh, through which not even the smallest insect can get through. The mosquito net can perfectly protect even the smallest arachnids, including ticks, and the dense mesh weave from which it is made does not limit visibility.

The mosquito net protects against insects, in addition, it does not deprive you of the opportunity to see the sky and the clouds moving over it. A mosquito net provides additional comfort of rest. Thanks to it, you do not have to worry about protecting your skin from insect bites.

What advantages does a hammock have compared to a tent?

Choosing to rest in a hammock, you will not experience discomfort associated with the hard, uneven ground. In a hammock with a mosquito net, you reduce the risk of insect bites.

When you decide to rest in a hammock, you do not have to check what is hidden in the ground. By choosing to rest in a hammock, you limit the risk associated with hitting an anthill. The hammock is definitely lighter than the tent. The hammock, unlike the tent, does not have a complicated structure.

What does your logo mean?

It shows graphically the adversities that form a whole as a result of the merger. It shows two opposite poles which, like in a magnet, connect to form a complete whole.

They can be interpreted as people on opposite sides who share a passion for adventure. Lovers of adventure and excitement are able to combine a passion for hammocking, even if they are located in opposite hemispheres of the Earth. The logo shows a hammock in which a person who wants to escape from everyday life is resting.

Despite many differences, we are united by the pursuit of a moment of relaxation. The Skykoy logo is sometimes interpreted as a symbol of a resting wanderer.
Skykoy is a balance between what is on the ground and what is above it. It is a graphic representation of two merged opposites. People may differ in skin color or views, but at the same time they may have a striving to experience unique adventures. You can have the same passion, even if you are significantly different from one another.