How to hang a hammock

Do you have your dream hammock and would you like to start your adventure with it? We will advise you on how to prepare for it.

Let's start with where you can take it with you. Certainly, the best place is a garden, a plot and a forest. A good alternative is also a balcony or a room of sufficient length, in which the hammock, unlike the forest, can be permanently hung.

When you go outdoors with a hammock, you can enjoy the convenience of its use wherever you find two stable points to which you attach it. Examples are well-fixed poles or healthy, well-rooted trees with a diameter of at least 20 cm. In an apartment or on a balcony, two opposite walls can be attached. It is extremely important that the elements to which the hammock ropes are tied are durable even with a greater load than our body weight.

What should you pay attention to when you go outdoors with it?
If you are in the field, take a closer look at its shape. It is best if it is flat. Then it is easier to measure the height at which you should tie the hammock lines. The sloped area will make this task a bit more difficult.

how to hang a hammock length forest garden trees


The exemplary distance from the attachment points is 5 meters. Then it is easy to remember that the height for attaching the tapes is the height of a statistically tall person (approx. 180 cm). These values result from the angle of 30 degrees, which at these values will be created when mounting at such a distance. This angle provides the optimum stress and physical forces that affect the hammock (the more horizontal the lines are, the more force they are subjected to. Of course, nothing prevents you from mounting the hammock at greater distances, then the attachment point should be mounted higher, but at greater distances it can be however, prove it difficult to access.

Applying the above tips should be useful especially for people who are just starting their adventure with a hammock. A few attempts to suspend and use it will make even the current amateur of this type of rest love it and introduce it to his life permanently.