Types of hammocks

Types of hammocks considering construction type

The tourist model is extremely light. Without burdening your back you can take it on a short hike, as well as on a long expedition. It was created for people who find peace wherever the heart of nature beats. This model allows you to escape from the schematic forms of relaxation. You stop at the place where you find yourself in a given moment, at the edge or in the middle of the forest, and it is here that you allow yourself to relax. Practical and easy to install, the hiking hammock is very comfortable. It comes in a single shade, but this allows you to melt into the green surroundings. The durable fabric guarantees you a rest without unnecessary worries about its possible tearing. The fabric used also has the advantage of being easy to keep clean and quick to dry after washing.

If you belong to the group of travelers who prefer to prevent insect bites, choose a solid tourist model equipped with a mosquito net. It is designed to protect you from even the smallest insects. In a hammock with a mosquito net staying overnight in any conditions is no longer a challenge. Thanks to the mosquito net, you can decide to sleep in a hammock even in a forest. This is the time for you to relax, not fight for a moment of peaceful sleep. Although you will not see the treetops and the sky above your head, you will have peace of mind in return.

Tourist model without the mosquito net works well on warm and dry days when the activity of insects among lush greenery is limited. Lying down, you admire the swaying treetops, while sun rays piercing between them warm your face. Perfect relaxation, and so easy to achieve. But when you think you might get some unwanted company from biting insects, take a mosquito net with you for protection.

You can place the hammock chair indoors, mounting it for example to a wooden beam or directly to the ceiling. Its advantage is undoubtedly that it does not take up much space. Moreover, if you decide at a given moment that it should disappear from your room for a while, you will be able to dismantle it in no time.
A hammock chair is easy to incorporate into your garden space. Beforehand, however, it's a good idea to make sure that there is a sturdy, thick tree branch.

The garden hammock, called the Nicaraguan hammock, stands out from other hammocks. It is formed by a handmade weave of cotton strings. Therefore, this type of hammock is extremely breathable. Without any hesitation you will decide to place it in your garden during hot days.

Hammocks are also made for pets and their owners. If you complain about the lack of space, choose a pet bed, which you can fix to the wall or ceiling. Your cat will get used to it quickly and you will have some free space. You can also choose a hammock with a frame that can be placed on the floor. Both forms of hammock are alternatives to the traditional bed, which will please him. A hammock for your pet is a comfort for him, but also for the owner.