Hammock in the BOB Backpack

Dangerous situations lurk for humans, especially when their vigilance is dormant. Sudden fire, approaching tornado, violent flood, the threat of war... No one can predict such events. Yet we observe them every day, but from a distant perspective. Dangers have the characteristic of falling like lightning from a clear sky. Will we be ready to escape if they "fall" upon us?

An Escape Backpack (Bug Out Bag) is a set of items of small dimensions but with a very wide range of uses, including a pocketknife, a small flashlight, a first aid kit, matches. The contents also include long-term food, which allows survival for the first few dozen hours without shelter and water.

backpack Bug Out Bag hammock

Such a backpack should be prepared in advance by anyone who is aware of the dangers. The equipment of such a set can be modified, and above all, efforts can be made to improve it. It's worth adding a lightweight hammock with a mosquito net. In a crisis situation, one cannot immediately rely on external help. The compact size of the hammock (when folded and placed in its cover) and a weight of only 760 grams are convincing reasons to include it in the Bug Out Bag. The hammock doesn't have rigid elements. Therefore, it can be easily placed inside the escape backpack. The olive color makes it inconspicuous amidst the dense forest.

It's worth being proactive, foreseeing various scenarios, and having well-thought-out specific steps to take during a threat. It's worthwhile to ensure your own comfort before someone else does.